The Tenth Annual Military Watch Resource Christmas Charity Event


Welcome to the 10th annual MWR Christmas Charity Event.  For those of you who have never taken part in an MWR Christmas Charity Event, here's how it works:

Your event ticket is going to towards a charity (The Winter Special Olympics program).  Winners of various door prizes are chosen at random after the entry cut-off date. 

These are the past door prize winners:

1st Annual Christmas Charity Event: Rolex 5513 (Alan N.)

2nd Annual Christmas Charity Event: IWC MK XI (Bob W.)

3rd Annual Christmas Charity Event: JLC MK XI (Bryon Bass)

4th Annual Christmas Charity Event: Proto Omega Seamaster (Alex Struk)

5th Annual Christmas Charity Event: Sinn EZM1 ZTZ (Frank Pompeo)

6th Annual Christmas Charity Event: Matching serial number SAR Set (Scott S.)

7th Annual Christmas Charity Event: Omega Seamaster 300 (Cecil)

8th Annual Christmas Charity Event: Marathon CSAR Chrono (LA Kevin)

9th Annual Christmas Charity Event: vintage Tudor Submariner (Rafael Torrens)

Once again, this year's Christmas Charity Event will be hosted by Richard.

Here is Richard's announcement:

****MWR 2009 Christmas Charity Event****

MWRines and Friends of MWR –

Welcome to the 2009 Military Watch Resource (MWR) 10th Annual Christmas Charity Event! This year promises to be the biggest and best yet. There will be door prizes from some of our best known and long time sellers on MWR as well as individual donations.

Tickets to the event are $30.00 each, or four for $120* and you may purchase as many as you like. If you buy 4 tickets at $120.00*, you will receive a 5th ticket free (5th ticket will be calculated at no additional cost to you.).  As you know, all proceeds will go to our charity, The Special Olympics. This is your chance to participate in a great charity event, and possibly win a great door prize and make a worthy and charitable donation!

Purchasing Tickets

Sincere thanks to all the MWRines who called, sent emails, and faxes today right up until the last minute. I assure you that I will follow-up with all of you starting Friday (for those who left phone numbers to call). I will not be disrupting family dinners over Christmas).

Once we get all the latest entries, the names will be turned over to Richard and the winners will be announced soon after.  If you have any questions related to the event, please contact us at

Merry Christmas to all and to all Good Luck!


Last day to purchase will be December 24, 2009.  The event will end at 18:00 hours PST.


Donations typically come from individual members and those sellers of quality merchandise who advertise with regularity on the PX. Items can be watches, bracelets, watch tools, books, a watch service and regulation by a reputable watchperson who is well-known to MWRines, and other items that have stimulated interest on the PX such knives, survival gear, clothing, etc.

If you would like to donate an item for the Event, please email Billy (billy@*REMOVE-SPAM* to advise him of your donation and to obtain additional details. 


Prize List 2009 

This year's Grand Prize:

Vintage Rolex 16750 GMT Master kindly provided by James Dowling:

Rolex GMT Master

Consolation prizes:

(Click) here for the Prize List Thread

Consolation prizes:

1. MKII Vantage - on rubber strap. Kindly donated by Bill Yao

2. MKII SeaFighter OCN 2-A w/ polished finish. Kindly donated by Bill Yao

3. IWW Spa treatment. Kindly donated by Jack@IWW

4. Custom Olongapo braclet (measurements and emblems to be chosen by the winner). Kindly donated by Juardo

5. Custom Olongapo braclet (measurements and emblems to be chosen by the winner). Kindly donated by Juardo

6. Custom Olongapo braclet (measurements and emblems to be chosen by the winner). Kindly donated by Juardo

7. Italian leather strap set (details to be announced). Kindly donated by Noah Fuller

8. $100 gift certificate for Yobokies custom Seiko parts. Kindly donated by Harlod (aka Yobokies)

9. Crye Precision Combat Shirt AC (color and size options to be chosen by the winner). Kindly donated by Billy

10. Ultimate Tastes of Chicago Combo: (1) Lou Malnati's Chicago Style Sausage Pizza, (1) Slab of Carson's Ribs, (1) Vienna Hotdog Kit & (1) Eli's Plain Cheesecake. Shipped frozen on dry ice - $95 value. Kindly donated by Clayman

11. A copy of World Mook 8 - Military Watches and a copy of the MWR Archive Volume 7. Kindly donated by Ian Parkin.

12. British Military Pulsar G-10 wristwatch. Kindly donated by Ian Parkin.

13. Marathon MIL-W-46374 NIB US military manual wind wristwatch - with original *red* box circa 1990. Kindly donated by Ken (aka kkmark).

14. Heuer Autavia. Kindly donated by Hurley

15. Marathon Composite Navigator (Type-G circa 2006) NIB. Kindly donated by Ken (aka kkmark)

16. ‘Militäruhren' (Military Timepieces Vol I). Kindly donated (and written) by Konrad Knirim

17. Concise Guide to Military Timepieces by Wesolowski and a proof copy (before corrections and changes ) of Zero Hour. Kindly donated by Peter Taubman (Ziggy’s) and Tim M (Zero Hour).

18. Marathon GG-W-113 US military wristwatch - circa 1984. Kindly donated by Howard Marx

19. WWI German military Carl Zeiss 6X30 Maringlas binoculars; completely refurbished and repainted. Lenses and prisms cleaned, bright and very usable. Accompanied with original rain guard and leather strap. Kindly donated by SideB (Simon)

20. Original Seiko 6309-7040 automatic diver’s wristwatch. Kindly donated by Janice and Fred

21. Queber Newport coin cased Elgin 18 size open face,serial no.2736680 made in 1887,grade 97,7 jewel, keywind (key not provided). Kindly donated by River Rat (Mike)

22. A copy of Whitney's "Military Timepieces", Z.M. Wesolowski's "A Concise Guide to Military Timepieces" and Kesaharu Imai's "Military Watch Encyclopedia" - all used but in like new condition. Kindly donated by Lonny

22. Surefire 6P flashlight NIB. Kindly donated by Cliff T.

23. Orient Automatic titanium watch. Kindly donated by Peter (aka. pete26 )

24. Seiko SKx171 dial and hands set; authentic and NIB. MWR Watchdog patch included. Kindly donated by Joel B. (aka. jbaca)



We are accepting all donations, as usual. Appropriate donations include watches, watch-related items such as straps, cases, winders, knives, in short - anything of that might be of interest to a MWRine as per our Unplugged themes. Also, we are continuing to work on a Grand Prize. Stay tuned for more on what the prize will be.

If you would like to donate an item, please email Billy and let him know exactly what you are donating - DO NOT MAIL BILLY THE DONATED ITEM!. This year we are attempting to cut down on costs (i.e., postage) by asking people who donate items to mail them directly to the winner - Billy will coordinate this and be the go-between as well.