The EZM.2 by Sinn


The EZM.2 Hydro shares the look distinctive to the EZM line by Sinn.  As such, the dial is black with distinctive off-white (greenish hue) hands and reference markings.  As with the EZM.1, the screw-down crown is reversed.  The lettering is predominantly in red, including the date which is located between the 1500 and 1600 position.  In a tactical environment, the letters all but disappear, eliminating distractions to timekeeping.  The hands and chapters are tritium coated (3H).  Unlike the EZM.1, the unidirectional bezel indicates elapsed time, which is more suitable for diving applications.  The first 15 minutes are graduated in minutes for decompression stop calculations.  The entire stainless steel case is filled with liquid silicone oil.  The EZM.2 is shock resistant and anti-magnetic to DIN standards.  The movement is a quartz ETA 955.612 with 7 year battery life.  Dimensions: 41 mm x 11.4 mm.
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The liquid silicone oil eliminates underwater glare on the sapphire crystal as depicted in this comparative photo.

EZM2METAL.GIF (55087 bytes) Also available with steel bracelet, diver's Velcro strap, rubber strap, or sharkskin strap.


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uwgun.jpg (7020 bytes) This is the watch worn by divers of the elite German Grenzschutzgruppe (GSG-9) in their tactical operations.
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