The Marathon Steel Cased Navigator Reissue Watch

WRIST NAVIGATORS NSN 6645-01-150-8115

Images and review by Bob

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This genuine military issue watch was first produced by Marathon Watch Company for US Air Force pilots during Operation Desert Storm. When the Gulf War ended, so did the government watch production contract. The stainless steel cases were then stored at the factory for nearly a decade until they were resurrected in 1999, to be produced once again. This watch features the original NOS case, dated June 1990, with all of the ordnance markings are intact. This watch has an all new movement, dial and luminous materials. The result is a brand new factory manufactured watch built up on the cases left over from the Gulf War era. 

There are several distinct features that are different from the original issue watch.  Internally, the movement is a better grade, gold plated quartz hacking movement.  There is now an orange luminous chapter at the 12 o'clock position.  The acrylic crystal is a bit more recessed and the crown is not as long.

The watch still features a 12 Hour GMT bezel, user serviceable battery hatch,  steel case, and a black nylon issue strap. Water resistant to 6 ATM. 42mm X 11mm x 20mm lug width. 

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